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We love the communities we serve.

Immigrants and refugees are faced with unique challenges in their new countries. We offer a diverse set of services to improve access to health, education, safety & independence. We celebrate cultural diversity, families & socioeconomic growth.

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We empower our communities through leadership building, culture sharing, language development, employment support, mental health counseling, and fostering community.

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We advocate through group & individual multicultural counseling, survival skills training, cultural awareness education, cultural competence training, referrals and consultation.

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Community Action

We take action directly with individuals in our communities to give them uniquely tailored support. Our diverse skillsets, include psychology, mentoring, law, communications & financial education.

We're expanding our network to reach more people in need.

We have forged relationships with local organizations that have similar missions, to foster sharing of resources whenever possible.

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Local Service Providers

As part of our Pilot Project, Mother Africa identified the organizations that African women access for resources and services. We've networked with a variety of local providers to help them offer new and tailored services that address the needs of African immigrant and refugee communities..


Ethnic Businesses

Database of ethnic businesses coming soon. Contact us to have your business listed.