New Solutions Grant — United Way King County

Through our pilot project funded by the Seattle Foundation Neighbor to Neighbor grant, strong evidence shows a call for a physical presence (office) and walk-in capability in order for Mother Africa to best serve its communities. Evidence also shows that the ability to come to Mother Africa for information and to receive referrals to available resources and service providers is a high priority in our communities. Communities surveyed in the pilot project include:

  • Kenyans
  • Ugandans
  • Eritreans
  • Somalians,
  • Somali
  • Bantu
  • Gambians and
  • Congolese, all residing in South King County (SKC).

Mother Africa’s office funded by UNKC New Solutions Grant meets these needs by providing a hub for African refugee and immigrant community leaders to meet, exchange information and exchange resources while developing leadership skills and explore ways to organize their respective communities and increase collaborations among them. Mother Africa utilizes our office space to organize trainings designed to the specific needs of our community partners as well as offer capacity building support for our communities to formally organize.

This funding allows us to work toward two key priorities:

  1. Increase organizational capacity-  have a physical presence in the community with an office and part time staff person
  2. Increase community capacity- support local African community organizations to formally organize, offering leadership building activities and conducting community outreach